INTRODUCINGAutomotive eXchange Platform (AXP)

DASHUB is producing blockchain-based technology designed to enhance key elements of its current operations. This technology is called the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and is fueled by the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT), an ERC20 token. AXT will be introduced to the world via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

DASHUB has identified several areas of its core business that can be enhanced through the use of blockchain technology. Each example (which they refer to as “Use Cases”) are mentioned below and are described in detail in the Whitepaper. Both their core business and their existing consumer base--currently 250,000+ members strong--will have immediate access to the platform through the use of DASHUB’s website, integrated wallet, and API. This business and consumer activity will drive the initial value and utility of the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT).

This approach does not require mass industry-adoption to function properly. DASHUB’s initial Use Cases for both their business and their consumer will function as intended, generate value, and lay the foundation for expansion into the industry; a vision that includes major players such as manufacturers, State DMVs, and financial institutions. Momentum is already building behind the AXP project. Major players have invested. Hard-hitting ICO and blockchain experts have joined the board of advisors. DASHUB hopes you will evaluate this project and see a viable path that leads to a massively-adopted blockchain technology that will disrupt the multi-trillion dollar automotive industry.

Automotive eXchange Platform Blockchain


$739 Billion

Used Vehicle Sales
Market Size

$1.1 Trillion

Auto Loan

$33 Billion

Vehicle Service Contract

$259 Billion

Auto Insurance

$722 Billion

Size of Aftermarket by 2020

$41 Billion

Specialty Aftermarket

Please refer to the Whitepaper for citations substantiating market value claims.


Combined Market Value

$2.8 Trillion

There is an enormous market, estimated at a combined value of $2.8 trillion, in the used vehicle sales market as well as the ancillary revenue streams market such as financing, insurance and servicing.

Immediate Uses Cases For The AXP



DASHUB will implement a fully-integrated AXP wallet into which will accept payment in Fiat as well as AXT. The AXP wallet is required to spend and hold AXT (a necessary element of the platform).

Benefits of the Wallet Use Case:
- Access to hundreds of thousands of vehicles available for purchase using cryptocurrency
- Pay for additional goods and services, such as vehicle inspections, financing, vehicle services contracts (i.e., warranties), parts, and shipping, with cryptocurrency

Automotive eXchange Platform Car
Automotive eXchange Platform Coins


DASHUB will accept deposits made with Automotive eXchange Token (AXT) via the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) on and its integrated AXP wallet.

Benefits of the Deposits Use Case:
- Eliminates the risk of banks canceling or delaying the deposit
- Eliminates the risk of fraudulent chargebacks
- Eliminates the risk of credit card fraud
- Decreases transaction time from 1 - 5+ days down to near-instant
- Eliminates the fees paid to credit card processors / payment gateways
- Eliminates the fees associated with wire transfers
- Increases chances of completing sales with tight purchasing deadlines
- A member deposit becomes part of the transaction history

Automotive eXchange Platform Icon

Vehicle Listings

Vehicle's get listed for sale on the Internet all the time. This is not typically part of a vehicle's standard report history. The AXP is paving the way to change that. Each time a vehicle is presented to DASHUB to be listed for sale, a transaction will be made with the AXP using the Vehicle Smart Contract (VSC). The VSC keys the entry based on the vehicle’s VIN. The details delivered along with each listing will be recorded chronologically.

Benefits of the Vehicle Listing Use Case:
- A Vehicle Listing entry is created as part of a VIN’s vehicle history
- Details of each listing are preserved chronologically
- Vehicle Listing information is publicly available on a decentralized distributed ledger
- Provides details currently unavailable in other vehicle history reports
- Will help prevent fraud

Automotive eXchange Platform Wallet
Automotive eXchange Platform Car

Purchase Offers

Currently it's difficult to ascertain past (or current) purchasing intent on a specific vehicle. The AXP is paving the way to change that. Each time a member makes a purchase offer on a vehicle, a transaction will be made with the AXP using the VSC. The VSC keys the entry based on the vehicle’s VIN. Each purchase offer transaction will be logged on the AXP and can now be queried as part of the vehicle’s AXP history.

Benefits of the Purchase Offer Use Case:
- A Purchase Offer entry is created as part of a VIN’s vehicle history
- Details of each Purchase Offer are preserved chronologically
- Purchase Offer information is publicly available on a decentralized distributed ledger
- Provides purchase intent details currently unavailable in other vehicle history reports


Purchase Transactions

The problems here are many, from payments, purchase details, to managing the paperwork as well as State and federal requirements. AXP is paving the way for a better transaction process. Each time a member makes a successful Purchase Transaction, a transaction will be made with the AXP using the VSC. The VSC keys the entry based on the vehicle’s VIN. Each Purchase Transaction will be logged on the AXP and can now be queried as part of the vehicle’s AXP history. Because payment can be made in full with AXT, risks and delays associated with banks and traditional financial institutions are eliminated. The official paperwork process will be integrated on DASHUB's end, to prepare for the grand vision of bringing the State DMVs on board.

Benefits of the Purchase Offer Use Case
- A Purchase Transaction entry is created as part of a VIN’s vehicle history
- Details of each Purchase Transaction are preserved chronologically
- Purchase Transaction information is publicly available on a decentralized distributed ledger
- Purchase details on AXP can be used to price vehicles being listed for sale
- Provides an alternative to wire transfer for payment
- Eliminates the fees associated with wire transfers
- Decreases transaction time from 1 - 5+ days down to near-instant
- Reduces risk of incurring late fees or storage fees paid to vendors / sellers
- Reduces problems and delays associated with international purchases
- Reduces errors during the title and compliance paperwork process, and streamlines the process due to the nature of executing Smart Contracts
- Lays the groundwork for State DMV acceptance of AXP paperwork


use of funds

  • Development30%
  • Acquisition / Partnerships20%
  • Marketing / Sales18%
  • Operations15%
  • R&D8%
  • Legal5%
  • International Expansion4%


This roadmap describes DASHUB’s journey beginning with the launch of and then
projects benchmarks and milestones into the future for the development and deployment of
the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) and the Automotive eXchange Token (AXT)


Q1: DASHUB Launches - 100,000 Vehicles
Q3: Launch International Sales
Q4: 180,000 Vehicles


Q1: DASHUB Makes NASCAR Debut at Daytona International Speedway
  • DASHUB was the primary brand on the #17 Chevrolet Camaro in the Xfinity Series PowerShares® QQQ 300 at Daytona International Speedway
  • The #17 DASHUB Chevrolet was driven by 2000 Xfinity Series champion, Jeff Green
Q3: 100,000 Registered Users


Q1: DASHUB Sponsored Car Show
2nd NASCAR Brand Appearance
  • Timmy Hill of Rick Ware Racing drove the #51 DASHUB Chevrolet--with DASHUB as the primary sponsor--in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Las Vegas
Q2: 200,000 Customers. DASHUB Partners with Diamond Warranty
for Vehicle Service Contracts
Q3: DASHUB Launches Auto Financing Department


Q2: Minimum Viable Product & Smart Contract Creation
  • Post code on GitHub
  • Begin building / testing on Ethereum testnet
  • Begin community management
Q2: Launch ICO (Subject to market conditions)
Q3: Close ICO
  • Release ERC20 Tokens
  • Onboard DASHUB data to begin vehicle database with over
    7,000,000 vehicles
Q4: DASHUB dApp Launches on Ethereum with Implemented
  • Use cases
  • Vehicle listings
  • Deposits
  • Purchase offers
  • Purchase transactions
  • AXT wallet
  • Reporting & analytics


Q1: Start Generating Revenue Through Blockchain Use Cases
  • Yellow paper + alpha release.
  • Minimum viable testing environment. Launch a standalone node
  • Demo native contracts to run on the nodes, compiler and
  • execution environment
  • JSON RPC to connect the Internet to the network
  • Quick start guide for developers
  • Beta release of the platform + dev kit for partners
  • Synchronization of state data
  • Working state & space proofs
  • Creation of a first genesis block. Key management.
Q3: Contract Interface - Standardization with Partners
Q4: Platform in Production - Coin & Traffic Migration



Beta Testing & Security Audits
Heavy testing focusing on scalability & security
Bounties for successfully attacking the networks - Attacking the
network with spam, virtual machine
exploits, and bug crashes, and non-deterministic
behavior will be a heavily involved process but
necessary to ensure that version 1.0 is stable.
Adding support for additional languages

  • Launch
  • Genesis Block Creation

AXP Management Team


Max Kane

Max is a veteran banker with 20+ years experience as an owner and Chief Financial Officer. He sits on the board of multiple companies as a financial and strategy advisor, including the commercial lender Sharestates.

Matthew Weitzman

Matthew is an entrepreneur specializing in web application architecture, SaaS product development and digital marketing strategy. Over the last 12 years, Matthew has built and sold several successful internet businesses. He has been involved in the blockchain and crypto space for several years. Matthew is also an advisor of DonorSaver, a donor management software company, servicing the not-for-profit industry.

Michael Lederman

Michael Lederman is a veteran mortgage business leader, sales and marketing professional. He has spent the past 22+ years developing/improving the operation of sales departments and new business generation, in various private-sector businesses.

Bret Beyer

DASHUB President
Bret has 20+ years of executive experience in the technology industry, mostly through entrepreneurial ventures and partnerships. His expertise in strategic planning and new business development have been applied to numerous industries, from technology to retail. He grew an independent DirecTV dealer from a single location to over 20 locations nationwide and was the largest DirecTV dealer in the country for several years.

Tamara Friend

DASHUB VP of Operations
Tamara has 10+ years experience in the service industry managing customer service, dispatch centers and was a vital team member tasked with the reorganization of the North American operations of a large multinational company in the automatic door industry. Prior to that her family operated a small auto business which repaired salvage vehicles purchased at local auctions and sold to the consumer.

Stan Johnson

DASHUB VP of Sales
Stan Over 27 years experience managing high-volume call center operations in sales and customer service environments. Over 13 years in the Video, Voice and Data industry with experience managing multiple centers both nationally and internationally. Graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Business Management and AA in Accounting. Five years active duty in the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Telecommunications.

David Fugit

DASHUB Director of Marketing
David Fugit has 13+ years experience as a marketing professional, department director, and manager. Throughout his career he has been responsible for multi-million dollar annual budgets, campaign development, new product launches, project management, and team leadership. Hobbies include music composition, writing fiction, reading, gaming and game design, and sports.

Nicholas Liappas

Blockchain Director
Nicholas has 10+ years experience in project management and sales in the construction (worked for a Fortune 100 company) and real estate industry. For years now he has been an outspoken aficionado of blockchain technology and an active member of the New York crypto space.

Josh Wilcox

Chief Strategy Officer
Joshua has over 20 years of automotive senior management and sales experience. He joined us from Diamond Warranty Corp. where he served as Director of Business Development. Joshua was able to increase same product sales over 300% as well as create a direct-to-consumer product increasing margins. He has worked as a consultant for several hedge funds during their acquisition and due diligence processes.

Robert Llompart

Business Development
Robert Llompart has been the owner and operator of King Bear Automotive Repair and Maintenance Facility for over 15 years. He specialized in foreign and domestic diagnostics, manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules and state inspections. Prior to Roberts automotive experience, he was a financial information specialist at Thomson Reuters.



Alex Casassovici

Blockchain Architect
Alex has 5+ years experience in developing blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions for companies around the world. He has 10+ years experiencing in software development, product design, and mobile development, including gaming and VR.

Denis Moshentsev

Project Manager
Dennis is an MsC. MBA Senior project manager with 10 years of experience on delivering complex software projects. His candor along with his strong attention to detail are always a critical component in a project's success. Dennis has delivered several successful corporate dApps.

Nick Petrov

Smart Contract Engineer
Nick graduated with M.S. in Computer Science in 2009. He started his career as a full-stack software engineer. He is now a Technical Team leader who stays very hands on while coaching his team towards the most elegant and high-quality design patterns. He is currently passionate about the MEAN stack, SPAs, Mobile-first and Blockchain. He is an expert in Ionic, React and React Native.

Andriy Doroshonko

dApp Engineer
Andriy is an MsC. Senior software engineer with over 20+ year experience building complex systems. He is an expert in the MEAN stack and web3 application development as well as C++, PHP, Javascript and AngularJS. His experience over the last several years includes dApp and smart contract development.

Cody Dietz

Product Development
Cody Dietz has been the technical coordinator for a large automotive network for over 7 years. He has a proven track record of increasing sales and profitability, while reducing operational overhead. He has launched several automotive websites and digital advertising campaigns, along with the creation and maintenance of an internal employee intranet.

Harun Kadribegic

Community Manager
Harun is currently working in marketing and sales while pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He's a hobby expert in computer hardware, cars, and is an active participant in the automotive enthusiast community.

Mridul Biswas

Sr. Web Engineer
10+ years experience as a web engineer and software developer. He is a member of the technology team, working under Atanu Sarkar’s guidance.

Subham Sarkar

Full Stack Developer
Subham has 10+ years experience as a full stack developer. He is a member of the technology team, working under Atanu Sarkar’s guidance.



Douglas Lyons

Principal, Ether Pro Canada
ICO Expert Top 20 Worldwide
As an industry leader Doug has helped raise well over $75M usd in ICO funding for various blockchain start-ups. He is a principal consultant for Ether Pro Canada, providing advice to founding teams, corporations, and funds on how to optimize ICO execution while navigating the increasingly complex legal and tax hurdles involved. He is recognized by numerous outlets as one of the top ICO advisors in the world.

Joseph Steinberg

CyberSecurity, BlockChain and Emerging Technology Companies
Joseph is a CyberSecurity and Emerging Technologies Advisor. He has led businesses and divisions within the information-security industry for over two decades, has been calculated to be one of the top 3 cybersecurity influencers worldwide. He is also one of only 28 people worldwide to hold the suite of advanced information security certifications, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, and CSSLP.

Allen Shayanfekr

CEO and Co-founder of Sharestates
Allen Shayanfekr, Esq. is the CEO and Founder of Sharestates. Allen is currently admitted to practice law in NY and CT. His legal expertise in securities law is paramount to Sharestates' ability to promote and produce public and private offerings in a highly regulated space. Allen interacts regularly with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in addition to spearheading daily operations at Sharestates.

Erik Rind

President/CEO at BenePay Technologies
Erik Rind has over 25+ years experience as one of the nation’s leading experts in payroll and human resources services and technology. Select achievements: worked on payroll and information systems for the Navy, Army, CIA, and the U.S. federal government. Erik is also at the forefront of efforts to develop a blockchain marketplace that will provide customers with the ability to own and monetize their personal information.

Dr. Gordon Jones

COO & President, Universal Healthcare Coin
A serial entrepreneur, co-founder of incubator, Entrepreneur in Residence of the Kaufman Foundation funded StartupLife program, and co-founder, President & COO of Universal Health Coin - a Public Benefit Corporation reinventing healthcare finance and payment via blockchain and leveraging crypto assets. Dr. Jones is investor, mentor and coach to several startups.

Bill Caan

Director of Sales, CalAmp
Bill is currently Director of Sales at CAL/AMP, an $800 million company, specializing in sub-prime auto lending. He’s held significant prior risk based banking positions, and has his MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services from the Kellogg School of Management from Northwestern University.

Harry Croydon

CEO, Micro Insurance
Harry specializes in high customer value technology projects, focused on micro-insurance. Harry brings 20 years experience in building global programs bringinging together companies, broker relationships, insurance company big data, policy management and claims AI systems. Harrys interest is always with a focus on ROI, user experience, lean start-up delivery and adding value along the way.

Guy Kathe

Principal - Pikes Peak International Raceway
Guy is Managing Partner of Pikes Peak International Raceway in Colorado Springs. PPIR has been a staple in American racing since 1997, hosting NASCAR, Indy Car and Lifestyle Motorsports events. Guy also advises automobile dealerships on growth strategies, financial planning and facility development.

Scott Milner

President, US Mortgage
Scott had over 10+ years of extensive experience in Equity Derivatives and Structured Products sales and modeling, having worked at ABN AMRO, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Notable achievements include ringing the opening bell at the NYSE, building a $10mln a year structured products platform, quintupling the size of his current company ($15mln/yr in revenue) and building a national brand.

David Harrison

Partner at Spiro Harrison
David is a business lawyer who represents clients in both litigation and transactional matters in a broad range of industries including technology, healthcare, and financial services. David’s versatile experience allows him to provide legal and strategic advice to clients regarding entity formation, debt and equity financing, commercial contracts and licensing agreements, acquisitions, compliance, management of risk, and protection of intellectual property.

Santo Chiarelli

Partner, Acquavella, Chiarelli, Shuster LLP
Santo has 31+ years experience as a certified public accountant (CPA), as a partner at Acquavella, Chiarelli, Shuster LLP (ACS LLP) based out of New Jersey and New York. A renowned expert in the industries of mortgage banking, debt collection services, construction contractors, non profit, and asset lenders.

Kevin O'Connell

Partner, Gemini Southern
Kevin, partner at Gemini Southern's primary goal is to build a progressive financial institution based on traditional business values that provides advisory services and capital to entrepreneurs and companies throughout North America, with a specific focus in the southern United States.

Steven Verska

CEO, Cloud Catalyst Technologies
Steven's experience in the technology industry has spanned over the last 27 years, ranging from positions as the Vice President and CIO of Equifax to the Chief Information Officer of First Advantage. Since 2015, Steven has been the the CEO of Cloud Catalyst Technologies, a fast-growing managed services platform servicing dozens of the most visited websites on the Internet.

Atanu Sarkar

CEO Webskitters
Atanu is the Chief Executive Officer at Webskitters with over 15 years of demonstrated history working in the information technology industry including IBM and Dell. Atanu is also skilled in sales, data analysis, business development, entrepreneurship, and business strategy.


Dashub Online Automotive Marketplace
Rick Ware Racing Team
Pikes Peak International Raceway
Micro Insurance
Gemini Southern Merchant Bank
Micro Insurance


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